Top 5 Common Misconceptions About Medspas, Debunked

When it comes to Medspas, or Medical Spas, the cloud of misunderstanding is especially thick.

Unlike regular spas, Medspas blend medical technology with traditional relaxation techniques to provide an array of services under the supervision of licensed healthcare professionals.

But, before we dive any further into debunking the myths…

What is a Medspa?

Think of a medspa as the love child of a doctor’s office and a spa retreat.

It’s not your average aromatic-oils-and-whale-songs spa; it’s a place where white coats meet mud masks.

Before you get to the pampering, you’ll be greeted by a healthcare professional—sort of like the VIP treatment plan for your visage.

They’ve got the authority to prescribe treatments that go way beyond the fluffy towels domain. From red light therapy to cryo slimming, medspa professionals are licensed to prescribe more advanced procedures.

So, if you’re seeking something beyond the scope of cucumber slices on your eyes, medspas offer effective treatments to put the ‘medical’ in ‘miracle’.

Misconception 1: Medspas are only for cosmetic procedures

Medspas are like your go-to glam squad, right? Wrong!

While you may have thought of them as the hotspots for radiating beauty from every pore, what you might not know is that they’re bona fide medical practices.

Yes, you heard it right. These places aren’t just about getting that selfie-ready skin.

You can expect having some face-time with someone who’s got the know-how to prescribe medical treatments.

That’s right—you don’t just stroll in and ask for the deluxe package. You get a professional, personalized evaluation – these treatments are medical procedures at the end of the day.

A great example of more advanced treatments: lymphatic drainage! Cleansing your body of toxin buildup and increasing oxygen supply has never been so accessible.

Misconception 2: Medspa treatments are not safe

Medspa treatments are entirely safe!

We’re talking about professional-grade pampering with a side of clinical credibility. All these nifty procedures require the keen eye of a professional practitioner.

Let’s be real, the only risk might be getting addicted to looking like a million bucks. But in terms of safety, as long as you’re not diving into back-alley Botox parties and sticking with reputable medspas like Contour Spa, you’re in the best of hands.

They’ve got the kind of oversight that would make a micromanaging boss blush. After all, it’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling great.

Misconception 3: Medspa treatments are only for women

Ah, the age-old tale that medspas are the exclusive domain of women.

The truth is, medspas are serving up slices of handsomeness just as often as they garnish the glow of feminine beauty. And why not?

There’s no secret handshake at the door—medspas are the ultimate unisex unions where everyone is invited.

With new skincare products for men hitting the shelves every day, we have been seeing more men stopping by to check us out.

Whether you’re chasing that chiseled jawline or just aiming to look less “worn-in,” medspas are your new wingmen for all things aesthetic.

Our recommendation for men looking to try out medspa treatments? One of our most popular treatments, Cryo aesthetics.

Misconception 4: Medspa treatments are only for older individuals

Get ready to dive into the fountain of youth—or should we say debunk a rather wrinkly myth?

Common myth #4 has us believe that medspas are like exclusive clubs for an older demographic.

Medspas are not just for those who want to appear younger, but also for those who want to prevent aging in the future – it’s for all of us seeking to outwit the clutches of Father Time.

Whether you’re in your roaring twenties, thriving thirties, fabulous forties, or beyond, there’s something on the medspa menu for you.

It’s not about turning back the clock; it’s about making that clock look fabulous at every hour.

Misconception 5: Medspa treatments are excessively expensive

Next up on our list of common myths: the idea that medspa treatments require you to break the bank, sell a kidney, or start a side hustle selling grandma’s secret cookie recipe.

Before you start counting your pennies and getting flashbacks of your college ramen noodle budget, let’s clear the air.

Medspa treatments can be affordable.

Yes, you read that right!

You might think indulging in a little self-care at a medspa is reserved mainly for those who are fortunate enough to have more money.

At Contour Spa, we offer a variety of pricing options for those who can only come to one session, or for those ready to make this a weekly date with the option of a 6, 12, or 18 pack bundle.

We also offer flexible financing options!


At Contour Spa, we’re all about clearing the haze of confusion that hovers around medspas and bringing forth the truth – because let’s face it, informed decisions are the best way to build trust.

So, dodge those harmful myths and bid farewell to skincare confusion.

Feel free to pop in for a consultation; we’re here to navigate you towards your most radiant skin ever, with a splash of personalized magic.

Let’s customize a treatment plan that’s as unique as your lovely visage. And remember, whether you’re combating premature aging or just aiming for that extra oomph of radiance, at Contour Spa, we’re not just about creating beautiful skin; we’re about spotlighting your natural beauty in the healthiest way possible.

Check out our range of services today.

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